Given the current public outcry for a better education system, ‘Quest’ offers students and teachers a comprehensive method of performance AND satisfies state and national demands for excellence, accountability and achievement.
The Quest method provides the HOW-TO’s of practicing, thinking about and performing music in ways that have never been discussed in method books or school curriculum, public or private.

Dr. Tom Durante – Prince George’s County Public Schools, Maryland

A complete music method in itself. Rudiments of music, rhythmic training clearly explained, chords, sight reading, interpretation, shifting and practically any music element imaginable!
Scholarly, comprehensive and fun content delivery, teaches and enriches musician’s lives at any level.

Julian Gonzalez – Lilburn Middle School, Georgia

Monique Chiasson – Music Education Specialist, Hong Kong
Students become engaged in learning, due to the great way materials are presented!
Dr. Jackie Pickett, TORCH Academy, Atlanta, Georgia
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CONSTANCE the METRONOME is my favorite!
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“Amazing Omnibus! There’s an enjoyable and scholarly ride for all musicians, regardless of their musical development and training.”
“Learning to play your instrument like you are playing a GAME makes the Quest a pleasure to learn from and fun to share with pupils.”
“What truly makes the Quest special is the enjoyable, breezy and cheerful style.”
“A world class curriculum designed for students and teachers demanding the best of the best!”