StringQuest Curriculum
StringQuest is a media enriched compendium of timeless knowledge updated and expanded for everyone.

Centuries of wisdom are joyful presented by faculty characters who teach every element of music!

String playing techniques are explained in great detail, producing exceptional results.

Filled with Professional Pointers that Work!

Color-coded worlds engrave concepts in unique ways, delivering confidence and performance mastery.

StringQuest integrates Music with: Science, Math, History, and Critical Thinking Skills.

Beneficial resources that help to create and build a thriving program are contained within the material.

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Class Access for one year is $200 and covers everyone!

Over 1,400 pages of fun, scholarly resources

Comprehensive Curriculum includes:

Topics:   Rhythm    Tempo    Dynamics    Theory   Music History    Playing Techniques

Performance Traditions    Learning Focus    Common Sense Memory Training

Enjoyable Learning Quests for:

Music Students     Parents     Orchestra Directors    Public School Programs

Private Schools    Charter Schools   Home Schoolers    Independent Learners

And, anyone who wishes to enjoy learning music!

Exercises and Work-outs for All Levels

Mastery  Checkpoints     Audio Demonstrations     Concert Pieces