Inspired by a lifetime of enjoyment and experience gained from performing, teaching and practicing, my quest for creating the Quest is now a reality.

In tribute to the exceptional mentors, teachers, colleagues, students and their families, with sincere gratitude and appreciation, I thank all of you. If not for my first orchestra director, David Newman, who made learning fun when introducing me to the viola in Brooklyn, NY, (as a newbie 7th grade middle school student in the 1970’s), the Quest would not exist.

Most especially, I wish to dedicate the Quest with admiration and honor of the tireless, consistent and stellar guidance shared by:

Mom — Your creativity is timeless! In appreciation of your impeccable and experienced editing eyes, youthful charm, consistent optimistic encouragement and your loving patience with my endless comma challenges, and always being there as Q-Mom! Thanks, Mom!

Dr. K — Inspired by your brilliant mind, consistent quest for clarity, spirited grammatical guidance, and fond memories of you being my most enjoyable and challenging professor from conservatory days years ago — Thank you, Chuck! Now, decades later, again allow me to express my gratitude and admiration.

Julian — For your energy and enthusiasm, always improving on your quest for being the best teacher for your middle school kids, and your unyielding desire to keep music as a meaningful experience for students and their families, along with your insights and friendship.

Brian — For your dedication to the artistry of string instrument eminence, that which ascends the human spirit. Gratitude to all in the “Adult-Kid Class” too!

Your humble violist, maestro, and author, Adam

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