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Learning and practicing are like the processes of a computer. And, humans created computers and modeled their operations on the human brain!
The most successful way to practice is with a clear purpose solidly in mind. 
You can think of practice as you would of the steps in computer operations.
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When practicing, always place what you are trying to accomplish clearly in your mind. 
Playing your music without thought will limit your progress, by reinforcing errors. 
Focused Practice, Unlocks Your Personal Best!
Placing clear goals in mind, trains your physical self to put into action what your mental self is learning. It is much more beneficial to focus on playing a passage correctly three times in a row, than to focus your awareness on the time that you are spending with your instrument out of the case.
Productive Practice, Generates Performance Confidence!
Looking at a clock saying you are going to “practice” for 30 minutes, is not as effective as practicing by focusing your energy efficiently without predetermined limits.
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