The brain knows everything that has happened and can recall it upon request. Once desired information has been entered correctly and retained, then it can be re-created with “Comfortable Confidence.”
The Cognitive Process refers to how people use information. It is the process of thinking and the mental operations involved in the process of remembering. There are many steps in the process and they all occur together, synchronized precisely within  milliseconds. 
Playing your instrument correctly and comfortably with deliberation uses many varied Cognitive Processes.
Everything you have been learning and will be learning, involves the use of many different types of Memory. Simply put, Memory is the process of storing, retrieving and recalling information.
Although these processes occur at a lightning pace, the information and skills needed to direct them require a lifetime of learning experiences individually. And then, practicing to combine them successfully in the most natural manner possible.
The R’s of Remembering
  • Registering is ‘taking note’ of what you want to remember.
  • Retaining is storing registered information.
  • Retrieving is recalling retained information.
  • Re-creating is putting the above R’s into action.
Congratulations!  You have unlocked the R’s Power-Up. Now that you have attained great scientific knowledge, you have reached a Quest Universal Wisdom Milestone!
The learning process used in becoming a skilled string player is much like the learning process of  improving comprehension ability in any subject.
The R’s helps you to Realize Real Results!
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 What does the term Cognitive Process mean?
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