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I’m really clicking very lively now, which makes perfect sense since Vivace means lively.
Vivace shares its word’s origin with the word vivid.
Vivace truly helps to make music vivid and brings it to life.
VIVACE has an approximate range of 140 – 180 BPM.
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Whew! I’m fine but getting a little winded. I am going to wind down for a bit before the next tempo. Take it away, Scroll.
Click to hear 144 BPM.
I’m always here ready to assist, Constance.
The word Vivace comes from the Italian word – Vīvere which means to live. Vivo is a similar tempo indication to Vivace and is truly quite fast. 
Composers also have created the tempo term – Tempo Vivo, an instruction to play with livelier tempo.
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