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I have stepped it up a notch, and adjusted my ribbon-weight accordingly. 
It now depicts the approximate range of the tempo – 
MODERATO (88- 110 BPM).
Moderato is a very helpful and useful member of the tempo family. It can stand alone as simply as “Moderato,” which means to perform at a moderate speed. 
Moderato is often added as a tempo qualifier, after another tempo indication. For example, Andante Moderato is quicker than Andante. 
When Moderato is indicated as just the one word – Moderato, it means to perform the music at a comfortable speed, with no hurry or drag to the tempo.
As is the case with most tempo markings, Moderato has varied interpretations. Seeking to gain the musician’s attention while rehearsing an orchestra, Maestros sometimes say the word Moderato to an instrument section that is rushing through a passage.
When conductors use the word Moderato as a verbal instruction, it serves to express the need to “put the brakes on.” The word Moderato may also be used to encourage the opposite effect. At times, Moderato is also utilized as an instruction for slow passages to flow quicker, so that the music doesn’t drag. 
I’ll be back. Scroll has more Moderato details.
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Click to hear 88 BPM.
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