I am here to teach you about the tempo – ANDANTE.

Take note of the new location of my ribbon, pendulum-weight. 

Although tempi are approximate,

Andante is within the range of 70 – 95 BPM.

The word Andante literally means going and implies the pace of walking. Andante is moderately slow, however the tempo has an implied motion and flow and is one of the most frequently utilized tempo markings.

Since Q is back and I have been clicking at a constant Andante pace, I am going to let Q take it from here. Be prepared. Q told me earlier that he has been working on his teaching performance style, and couldn’t resist sharing this unique approach by defining Andante in the format of yet another tongue-twister. I am going to Andante for now, and will return to help teach the next tempo. Enjoy!

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Start Metronome — 76 BPM

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