Part #4: FLAGS
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Flags are Curved Lines.
When flags are attached to the top of a stem, they fly towards the right side of the stem and curve towards the note head.
Like beams, flags attach to the end of a note’s stem and serve to define the note’s duration.
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Flags look like flags. Sometimes flags are called a note’s tail.
When flags are attached to the bottom of a stem, they also fly towards the right of the stem and hook towards the note head, often touching it.
1 note with one flag = the duration of 1 beamed note
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1 note with two flags = 1 two-beamed note
At this stage, you have learned about the four main elements. You still will learn about dots and ties, but they will make much more sense after you learn how the elements you just learned create rhythm notation code. 
You are now ready to learn how notes are constructed, their names, and how to determine their duration.
Now, let’s proceed to: NOTE-CONSTRUCTION.
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