Element 6: DOTS 
Several types of dots are utilized in other layers of music notation.
The dots you are learning about now are: Rhythm Dots.
Rhythm Dots are placed directly to the right of the note head.
Default 1
Default 2
The notes shown above are half notes with a dot.  Logically, these notes are called Dotted Half Notes.
A dot adds half the value to the note’s original value.   (2+1=3)
Default 6
A dot can take the place of a tie.
Focus now on this rhythm possibility.
Default 11
Default 1
Default 1
Default 2
Dotted Whole Note Equals 6 beats (4+2=6)  But how can a Dotted Whole Note fit in a Measure?
The answer is that a Dotted Whole Note does not compute within a common-time measure,
A Dotted Whole Note would need, in minimum, a 6-beat measure. So that you can understand practically all measure possibilities, you are now ready to learn Time Signatures.
Default 1

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