Parts #5: TIES
Ties are curved, horizontal lines that connect one note head to another, increasing its duration.
Ties function just like addition signs. Ties add duration to a note.
If a note’s stem goes down, the tie is on the top of the note head.
Default 6
If a notes stem goes up, the tie is on the bottom of the note head.
Default 8
The examples shows a tie extending a half note’s duration by adding one quarter note.
This is how a 3-beat note is created.     It’s Simple, 2+1=3
Ties can connect notes within a measure and also tie across the bar line.
Default 12
The example below demonstrates a tie connecting notes across a bar line.
Default 1
Default 3

Let’s explore Part #6: DOTS

Default 5
Default 6
The measures below contain ties and displays how they are counted.

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