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Scroll, you are the perfect ornament yourself, aren’t you?
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Excuse me, Q. I have so many thrilling, trilling, mordent, appoggiatura and nachschlag embellishing ornaments dancing around in my head, that I may have missed your witty query, “perfect ornament” and asked about me. Yes?
Scroll, I meant perfect ornament, as a sincere form of flattery.
Please share your scroll of ornament knowledge with us and tell everyone why we have been communicating in such an overly wordy, odd manner.
Absolutely, Q! My thought processes are always scrolling through and observe particular stored detail in my embellishment know-how, ready to search for what is needed, as needed, — and hope we have now succeeded.
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The reason for the overly detailed dialogue above, was to bring your attention to an important ornament rule.
Ornaments are like adding spices to foods, so as to improve the flavor.
Now let’s learn how specific ornaments are notated, performed and add musical seasoning to phrases.
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Ornaments are to be performed as Musical Enhancements and should never distract from the musical phrase.
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You are useful and scrolls also are ornate.