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While researching music in libraries around the world, I took pictures of some early versions of Clefs. They are shown next to modern-day Clefs on my music-staff carpet.
Clefs are music symbols found at the very beginning of the staff.
In French “CLEF” means KEY.”
Clefs are much like latitude/longitude lines on a map, in that they give you a fixed pitch location on the scale from which you can move to other pitches.
You will learn how Clefs assign music-pitches to specific notated locations on the staff soon.
Clefs commonly used today, evolved and have an interesting history.
Music Clefs
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What follows, is a ‘tale.’ Poetic license has been taken. Remember, Q — our Maestro, asked me to ‘get’ creative and entertain too! Please use your best imagination.
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The year is 1581, and we have arrived at the castle home of Count Giovanni de’ Bardi, in the town of Vernio, north of Florence, Italy.

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