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Let’s take a moment and creatively think about Trees and their Roots.

In order to firmly balance, trees need their roots to be well grounded in the earth. Roots secure the tree’s growth and its healthy development. Trees with solidly grounded roots are able to support the weight and motion of their branches. Secure roots enable the tree’s branches to withstand the effect of the elements, and to move with the wind.

Deeply grounded roots provide the leverage needed to allow branches to balance themselves and to move freely with the wind. Roots keep the tree from lifting out of the ground. They physically anchor the tree and stabilize the entire tree.

When setting up your instrument position, you can view your feet as your own personal root system. String players need to set their “roots” well so as to allow the weight of the instrument to be supported.

Whether sitting or standing, the desired result is to set the feet correctly in order for the instrument to be rested and balanced on the player. Remember that the goal is to ‘become one’ with your instrument.

The importance of understanding your body’s necessary physical position and its sense of tactile flexibility, anchored in your science knowledge, is what makes you a solid player, from the ground upwards!

The class exercises are designed to help you to

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