G Major Scale and Arpeggio
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With great joy, I’m here to guide you to the Key of G Major.
For all major scale steps to work out properly when G is the Tonic, there is one sharp needed, an F#.
The new pitch everyone needs to learn is —  C natural.
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Scale Steps 1, 3, 5 and 8, form the Tonic Arpeggio. The pitches G, B, D and back to G, form the G Major Arpeggio.
Thank you, STEPS for your noteworthy assistance.
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Now let’s learn G Major Notes on all strings.

C Natural and C# are different frequencies! 

Although the same finger may be utilized to perform both pitches — C Natural and C Sharp, pitch letters and accidental detail (#), always determine the pitch location difference.

Pitch Letters always over-rule Finger Numbers.