Each technical or musical challenge can be classified as specific music element categories.
Below are the main elements:
Rhythm     Pitch     Dynamics     Bowings     Shifting     Articulations
Isolating music into smaller sections, allows you to focus on specific music elements for detailed practice.
Here is a fun way to structure your practice and gain success.
How to use Practice Coins
Place 3 coins on the left side of a music stand or flat surface.
Perform the passage that is designated for isolated practice.

Slide one coin to the right side of the music stand.

Plan what you wish to improve and perform the passage again.

If your last attempt was successful, slide another coin to the right.

If there was an error, slide the coin on the right side of the music stand back to the left.

Continue this process, until all 3 coins are on the right side of the music stand.

Working on music passages with Practice Coins, helps you build confidence in your performance reliability.
Default 1
Default 2
Individual elements are then combined and practiced until all are correct at the same time.
The goal is to perform all elements together comfortably and to trust your abilities. 
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