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When performing in ensembles, each instrument part must be practiced and prepared individually.

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After each player has prepared their own music part, ensemble rehearsals are more efficient and more enjoyable. When all players are prepared individually, the whole ensemble is then ready to rehearse together successfully as an orchestra team.

The next compositions require you to advance your technical performance skills.  Remember the Quest Poster?



It is time for you to make forward progress and reach higher levels of performance success.

Challenge yourself to approach the exercises just like a professional athlete may, in this case — a string playing star.

Athletes spend hours of training time perfecting their game. Form, balance, precision and repetition of successful skill building exercises, help you to achieve greater performance success.

The next several pages contain technical exercises composed for individual practice.

Focus on creating your best and most comfortable technique.

Always listen to your pitch and practice to perfect accuracy.

Analyze, correct and enjoy building your technique, patiently.

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D Major Home     Instrument Tapes     Finger Mechanics     Finger Numbering     Finger Dexterity     Finger Position

Finger Intensity     Hand Position Principles     Hand Position Rhymes     Space at the Base     Swell the Well     Swing the Wing

Hand Position Set-Up     Violin Notes on D     Viola Notes on D     Cello Notes on D     Bass Notes on D     Violin Notes on A

Viola Notes on A     Cello Notes on A     Meet Guide     Bass Notes on G     D Major Training Exercises     The Lower-Tetrachord

The Major Second     The Major Third     The Perfect Fourth     The Upper-Tetrachord     The Perfect Fifth     The Major Sixth

The Major Seventh     The Perfect Octave     The Complete D Major Scale     Left Thumb Logic     Left Thumb Flexible Location

Knuckle Leverage     D Major Etudes     Arpeggio Patterns     D Major Mastery Checkpoint     Extending the Instrument’s Range

Finger Location Terms     Violin Notes on G     Viola Notes on G     Cello Notes on G     Bass Notes on E     Bass Notes on A

Viola Notes on C     Cello Notes on C     Violin Notes on E     Third Position Principles     Violin Third Position on E

Third Position Measurement Differences     D Major Harmony     Interval Categories     Orchestra Harmony in D Major

Preparing for Orchestra Pieces     Divisi Protocol     Orchestra Chord Textures     Ensemble Engine     Technique Building

Practice Coins     Violin Technique Builder     Viola Technique Builder     Cello Technique Builder     Bass Technique Builder

Dynamic March Theme and Variations     Bowing Dynamics     Dynamic March Performance Details     Linked Bowing Exercise

Off-Beats Exercise     Neighbor Notes     Complete Dynamic March Composition Score and Parts