Please allow me to tell you a little about myself.
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I am made out of Maple. Maple trees produce dense, fine-grained, strong wood. Bridges need to be strong to support the pressure of the strings, and also the additional weight of your body, when you put at least some of its weight through your bow and onto the bridge in your playing motions.


Now, I wish to explain the reason for the shape of my feet.

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Bridges have arched-shaped feet so they are able to fit the curve of the top of the instrument. Bridges support the strings.


Well-fitted feet make it possible for the bridge to remain securely in place and at the proper location. All bridges need to be carved to match the shape of the instrument for them to function properly.


That explains why my feet are arch-shaped.  Now, let’s move on to my — ankle bracelets. Honestly, that is not what they are called, however I do find them quite fashionable!

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Most Bass bridges have an embedded screw within each of its legs. These disk-like, double-sided dowels help to fine tune the bass’s string height and help to match the instrument’s neck angle. This disk can be turned in order to fine tune the height of the bridge. The bridge must be set high enough to allow the strings to vibrate freely, clear the fingerboard, and at the same time, hold them close enough to the instrument to be played efficiently.

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