Melodic Minor
Harmonic Minor added the leading tone, intensifying the modes harmony by the half-step’s pull to the tonic.
Melodic Minor borrows the upper tetrachord from Major, when the scale is ascending. (Going up a scale, is called ascending.)
Melodic Minor Scale Pitch Step Adjustment Rules:
On the way up a Melodic Minor Scale, both the 6th and 7th steps are raised by a half-step, just like the major scale’s upper tetrachord.
On the way down, a Melodic Minor Scale, steps 6 and 7 return to their naturally occurring pitches, as the Natural Minor Scale.
The Melodic Minor Scale was formed by studying the centuries of music written in minor. Practicing all forms of minor scales, helps to train you to recognize anticipated interval patterns.
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A Melodic Minor Scale
 When accidentals are present, be certain to read them with care. Naturals and Sharps look quite similar.
Listen to the A Melodic Minor Scale
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