Playing an instrument is a very personal activity. My experience has proven to me that the most successful students put forward their best efforts while enjoying the process.  There is great value in remembering to have fun while working hard. Fun brings enthusiasm, which increases motivation. Motivated students stick to it and want to improve.  Pleasure-giving and dedicated practice brings improvement, which is personally satisfying, thus furthering your interest in persevering and advancing. 
Back to my earlier question: How is True Success Achieved?
Here are some answers to that question. Consider filling an old restrictive way of learning with an improved perspective. The result may bring to you a much broader and more fulfilling life lesson. Choose to replace the importance of competition with others in order to find the best performance solutions for yourself, rather than seeking simply to do it better or faster than a colleague. 
Embrace the idea of a healthier and more productive personal standard. Individuals have more success when they learn and improve by challenging themselves, to realize their own personal best. Always practice to fine-tune your personal best, and work to make it even better! 
Encourage your fellow musicians to strive to find their own personal best as well. Mutual success will be the result. This way, you will all perform together in top-notch harmony – on many levels! Orchestral playing is teamwork.
The music field is a competitive one. The skill levels of musicians who perform with the world’s finest orchestras are equivalent to those of Olympic level athletes. As you advance, you will need to perform well at auditions in order to gain the opportunity to perform with more-advanced orchestras. Healthy competition occurs when participants present their own most polished and confident performances, which then challenge other competitors to reach for their own higher levels of abilities.
For Thine Own Self, Improve!
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