Hi! I'm Cal the Rhythm Calculator

I remember Q’s email quite vividly. 
It is a great honor that Q has asked me to join the Quest’s teaching team.
It began, “Cal my Pal, I know I can always count on you.”
Rhythm is my specialty, so I am pleased to be of assistance.
Within a beatI knew Q was asking me to teach Rhythm.
(You will know shortly why some of the words above are italicized.)
As part of the teaching staffScroll and Q promised to pitch in from time to time, as well.
So I placed my signature on the teaching contract, gladly signing on to share my know-how.

The Rhythm Laboratory teaches specific notation symbols.

shares fun ways to remember note parts.

Rhythm Workouts show how to count and clap rhythms with audio.

Rhythm Exams have 3 levels, progressing from newbie to pro. 

Over 1,400 pages of awesome scholarly resources ahead!

Enjoy now, but please make a ‘note’ to come back soon from a computer or tablet

Over 1,400 multimedia pages – best viewed on computer or tablet