.It’s time to perform music that has
3 beats in each measure.

Review 3 beat pattern miniRemember, music with three beats in a measure has a strong emphasis on the down-beat.

Default 4Three-Beat Patterns are conducted like drawing triangles.

The Minuet is a graceful dance.

Toe pointing, bowing and balancing are often included as part of the minuet dance motions.


The Minuet is a slow dance from the 17th and 18th centuries, popular in France. Minuets are stately. Short dance steps, combined with posed stances and positions, are performed during the dance.

In French, Minuet is spelled Menuet, derived from the word menu, which means small, relating to the small steps performed.

The first two measures of Melodic Minuet are shown below.

MM measure 1-2The music indicates to perform gracefully.
Review Tempo Moods

Cellos perform the

OOM – pah – pah rhythm.

Basses perform Pizzicatowhich serves to emphasize the down-beats.

 Review Pizzicato

In the last measure, crescendo is enhanced by the dramatic whipping Fouetté bow stroke.