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Since Music Theory is my favorite music topic, I feel like kicking up my heels. 
Learning how pitch-steps relate to one another, gives you the music tools needed to learn how melody and harmony work.
Music Theory is a fascinating topic. Most subjects that are theories have undergone several centuries of exploration and discovery. Strong opinions about how to define pitch-step measurements have always existed and are still debated today. But, guess who is a music theory expert?  
Yes, you guessed it. SCROLL, the expert, was my music theory teacher. Gratefully, he has agreed to assist us with technical language and to share historical perspectives along the way. As always, it is an honor to explore music theory and learn with you again. Hello, SCROLL!  
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Great to see you, STEPS!  I applaud your dancing shoe octet.
Music Theory is the study of how pitches relate and form music. 
Pitches are assigned letter names, defined by their sound location. 
The sound distances from pitch to pitch are called intervals.
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