It is tradition to place an Accent on syncopated notes.
When Accents are present, you place an immediate emphasis on the beginning of the note, followed by slight decay in tone.
Accents are notated either above or below notes.
Syncopation does not alter the music’s tempo, and only applies to specific rhythms.
Here are two ways to count the Syncopation Song rhythm:
Default 7
Default 8
1) Calculating and sub-dividing eighth notes for each beat.
2) Counting each beat displayed with slash notation.
Accents are more commonly performed with Down-Bow motions. Planning for the note before an accented note to be performed with an Up-Bow, helps to prepare Down-Bow emphasized accents.
Default 12
Default 13
Default 15
Default 2
Please now enjoy SYN-CO-PA-TION, composed by Cal and Constance.
Default 4
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