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Varied approaches to the process of counting rhythm have developed over many years. 


The most standard counting language utilizes syllables to aid in dividing the beat.


There are many methods and opinions on how to count Sub-Divisions. However, I will be teaching you ways that have always worked for me.


Counting Note Sub-Divisions with this method is reliable!  Once you learn all of the details, you will be able to figure out all possible notated rhythms. 


You have already performed The Cycle, and know how to count notes that coincide with the beat. Learning Sub-Divisions are ahead.

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At this stage the author asked me to share a fond memory, from when he was a middle school student and very new to the viola. After the story, I will return and teach you more Rhythm Notation and “Counting Lingo.” 

Yes, even professional musicians were at first, beginners.  Enjoy the story — it will help you with sub-divisions too!
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