StringQuest is on a quest to keep music alive in education!

We wish for all students to enjoy timeless knowledge and love learning.

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What makes StringQuest unique and what problems does it solve?

Current music curriculum often lacks integration with core subjects — a truly unique blended learning experience. Sadly, music materials are incomplete, dated, or boring, and fail to engage today’s learner in interactive ways that build great academic connections.
Students and teachers working with sub-par resources that fail to challenge and motivate guided discovery, are often discouraged from wishing to stick with it, when making limited progress. Many give up before given the tools to succeed and miss out on the joys of music expression and the great benefits inherent to the process.

StringQuest integrates Music with: Science, Math, History, Logic and Critical Thinking Skills. 

Deeply researched proven pedagogy that works, is presented as an interactive multi-leveled game, providing challenging learning journeys through guided discovery. More than a dozen scholarly and personable characters, teach every element of music and motivate you to try your best and wish to do so!  Every detail to attain teaching and performance mastery is provided.

Music learning has the overwhelming power to facilitate academic progress. It develops multi-tasking, listening and communication skills, while encouraging self expression. Most important, music builds one’s inner tenacity and determination. Possessing a personal drive to succeed is crucial in any field, and brings about positive outcomes in all academic endeavors.

The curriculum encourages positive communication, nurtures social interaction, and fosters ensemble cooperation.

Audio Examples — Print Sheet Music — Technique Exercises — Mastery Checkpoints  — Performance Traditions  — Practice Motivationverythin-blue-strip-1024x10

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