WEIGHT IN MOTIONqunianiverythin-blue-strip-1024x10Yippee!  I’m balanced on my unicycle, happily directing your attention to the concept — Weight in Motion.verythin-blue-strip-1024x10

It’s time to learn how physical laws of nature are used to create a natural string-instrument playing-position.

The Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass share similar characteristics that require players to apply knowledge of physical science in order to perform successfully.

By applying Universal Wisdom and Science principles, you will be prepared to create your most efficient and comfortable instrument playing position.

Concepts to Explore:


The goal of this section is to help you discover your own most effective and natural instrument-to-body relationship.

Applying Science Knowledge to Your Instrument Position Set-Up Produces Excellent Sound Answers!

With this knowledge in place, you will easily build your own unique connection to the instrument, while forming your own natural playing position instrument set-up.

Intelligent instrument position set-up is the plan!CONTINUEbuttonUWminimenu

Learning Focus     Practice Tutorial
Weight in Motion     Gravity
Leverage     Balance
Potential and Kinetic Energy
The R’s of Remembering
Practice Purpose
Music Staff Evolution
Music Clef Origins 
Scroll History
Peg Information 
Bowed String Instrument History
Bass Tuning Mechanism
Modern-Day Violin Family
Bridges Through the Ages 
Sound Production Principles 
What is Sound? 
How Strings Produce Sound


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