VIbrato QVIbrato ARCMuch like the word Vibrato implies, it means to vibrate pitches.

Vibrato has two main aspects, the speed of the pulsation or the motion and the width of pitch fluctuation.

Like most string playing techniques, there are many opinions about the topic of Vibrato. Regardless of the method, Vibrato is the controlled fluctuation of pitches.

Throughout the Quest, everyone has learned the importance of performing with exceptional playing position. This allows your hands to be free to play efficiently.

Excellent form brings about the ability to wobble the finger’s contact with the string.
Before proceeding and learning how to create vibrato, it is helpful to know what not to do.
Below is a list of VIBRATO DON’TS.Vibrato don'tsNow that you know what not to do, you are ready to learn how to perform Vibrato correctly.Continue no border topverythin-blue-strip-1024x10Join StringQuest