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The Game of Logical Improvement

As obvious as this may sound, learning how to play a string instrument requires thinking! Application of basic common sense is needed in order to play well. Doing things in natural and logical ways is more than just important; it is the answer. When something is considered the answer, it normally suggests a question. Let’s think about this question.verythin-blue-strip-1024x10

Question: How are successful answers and creative solutions to the physical challenges of string playing achieved?
Answer:  Doing things in natural and logical ways.


Skilled teachers impart knowledge to their students, specifically enough for students to use this guided common sense in order to find logical and ever-improving answers. All ideas that are involved in string playing concepts, will present questions and challenges that will require everyone to use focused brain power in order to discover the answers.

 Successful string players strive to find their best — Sound Answers!

The use of the words “Sound Answers” is an example of word play. Think for a moment about different definitions of the word “sound.” For example, one definition is related to what you hear when someone knocks on a door, i.e., the sound of knocking.

When learning to play a string instrument, the goal is to create vibrant sounds that are exactly that: secure, sensible, and reliable. By keeping the fundamental thought of seeking “Sound Answers” clearly in mind, you will enjoy consistent progress.

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