Instrument Tuning

Review Machine Tuning       Review Peg facts
As Peg and Scroll, we are quite intune with tuning procedures.verythin-blue-strip-1024x10

If possible, your teacher should be present when learning how to tune your instrument. Tune gently and with care.

Most instruments have Fine Tuners, which makes tuning strings easier.Fine TunerTightening the screw increases the string’s tension.

Fine tuners work much like bass machine tuning, in the sense that turning a gear adjusts string tension.  Some tail pieces have fine tuners built-in.Instrument tunning mini tailpiece
If a string needs a small adjustment, then always use the fine tuners.  Tuning with the pegs can be tricky.
Simply put, if you over tighten a string it will break!
All strings are stretched to the proper frequency.  Each string is designed to withstand the proper string tension needed to bring the open string to pitch.
Most professional players check pitch with electronic tuners, securing accurate and well-callibrated tuning.
As your musical ear develops, you can tune the instrument by comparing the strings to one another.