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After Scroll and Steps teach Minor, I promise to return with fun exercises and compositions.
Pay close attention to the pitch patterns you are about to learn. 
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Natural Minor Scale Step PatternSTEPSwithSPARKLEMy favorite type of music is composed in Minor!
Minor is also called the Aeolian mode. 
A minor mini 1A minor 1-8 naturalHorizontalanistrip
Aeolian Mode History
The names and types of modes have evolved for centuries. In 1547, Heinrich Glarean wrote a music theory book called Dodecachordon, which translates to 12-strings.
Heinrich Glarean is credited with preserving music from earlier centuries and he named the 12 modes based on music traditions. We still use Glarean mode names today.
The Aeolians were Ancient Greeks. The Aeolian Mode was named after Aeolus, who in Greek Mythology was considered “keeper of the winds.”
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