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As in an orchestra where members join together and create harmony, your StringQuest membership helps to orchestrate beautiful harmony with an audience too! — A diverse audience filled with limitless potential; an audience of students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the benefits of music mentorship.

You may now find it interesting to know a few facts about the author:

If not for David Newman (the author’s first orchestra teacher), Adam would have never picked up a bow, and certainly would have never written such an extensive and far-reaching curriculum. Mr. Newman always made learning fun, by motivating the orchestra to perform as a team — where it was cool to play! Remember, it was the ’70’s when disco, not classical music, was the rage.

David Newman must have also recognized something promising in our author and stayed after school to prepare him for bigger things – a scholarship to attend the Mannes College of Music Preparatory Division. Adam went on to become a double major (viola and composition) and then earn all his degrees at one of the greatest music conservatories on earth. (Read more about the author)

David Newman Mentorship Award

In honor of all of the educators who have and are giving back, mentorship for 2015 -16 is presented to:

 Lilburn Middle School Orchestra — Julian Gonzalez, director

TORCH (Together Orchestra Revitalize Community Harmony — Dr. Jackie Pickett, director

Park View High School Orchestra — Kristine Sampson, director

Yes, it is cool to keep music alive by making it accessible and fun!

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