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4 on G = Open D
4 on D = Open A
4 on D = Open A
4 on G = Open D
4 on A = Open E
4 on C = Open G
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Pinky Open String Equivalents
Perfecting pitch accuracy for pinky notes requires logical and focused planning. It is very helpful to keep additional fingers down on the string. This helps give increased support to nearby fingers and helps to build pitch relationships.
One helpful technique is to place the ring finger (3) on the string together with the pinky. Placing the ring finger with the pinky at the same time, increases the weight of the hand on the pinky side of the hand, giving the pinky more leverage.
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Here are some additional pointers that will come in handy:
  • Perform with your base knuckles at the same level as the strings.
  • “Swing the Wing” — bring your left elbow towards the right.
  • “Swell the Well” – open the base of your thumb and index finger.
  • Point your left thumb slightly, in the direction of the pegs.
  • Approach the strings from above the string.
  • Perform more firmly on your pinky’s fingertip.
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Pinky Power-Up Exercise for Violin
Pinky Power-Up Exercise for Viola
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