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Once sharing curriculum content on social media, numerous requests for direct coaching have been pouring in from across the globe!

On a ‘quest’ to make coaching possible for all, the Ask Adam Portal is now live!

StringQuest covers tons of information and the search feature will help you zero in on much.

This site offers free content and premium members may access over 1,300 pages of professional know-how presented by the cast of characters who serve as the many ‘voices’ of the author.

Everyone benefits from personal attention to practice challenges. Whether you are seeking an objective opinion, or wishing to accelerate your progress at any level, Adam and the StringQuest Team are always here for you!

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How it works: 

Anyone may ask text questions at anytime, and you may submit one sample video of your playing for professional feedback, FREE! Adam will then respond to your question and offer suggestions in order to help guide your progress.

For unlimited video assessments, site members enjoy regular distance coaching and we welcome you to join and power-up your skills today! You may also schedule LIVE coaching by joining the Maestro Network for help with:

  • Audition Preparation
  • Performance Assessments
  • Mastery Plans
  • Educator Consultancy
  • Program Development
  • Career Guidance


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