Augmented Intervals
To augment something, means to make it larger. In order to adjust the size of pitch steps, accidentals can be added to any interval.
Raising the 7th step by a half-step in Harmonic Minor, augments the interval distance between steps 6 and 7, making it larger.
The resulting 1 ½ step interval is called an Augmented Second.
Augmented, meaning the larger than standard interval step, and Second, refers to the letter named step distance between the two pitches.
Default 6
Default 7
When performing music composed in minor, always pay attention to accidentals, which are more frequent in this mode.
Default 9
Default 10
Default 1
Step 3 makes the scale minor and raising step 7, leads the scale to the main tone.
Strong pitch relationship knowledge, provides the ear with sound reference points. Whether performing in major or minor, all pitches are directed to the tonic.
Now let’s learn Melodic Minor.
Many pitches remain the same in both major and minor. However, the notes that are different bring new tone relationships, adding varied expressive qualities.