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1. Rhythm Notation is the result of combining individual elements in order to form notes.
Which element is the arrow pointing to?
2. When the letter 'C' with a vertical line placed through it is located on a music staff, it means the music is in __________?
3. This cool looking symbol is called a ___________?
4. The horizontal lines that connect notes are called __________?
5. When a curved line connects notes together it increases the note's duration. These curved rhythm notation lines are called?
6. When three notes are joined together as shown below, these notes are called___________?
7. Shown below, the arrow is pointing to the note's _______?
8. The example below shows one 6-8 time measure. When this type of note grouping happens it is called ________?
9. The arrow is pointing to the note's _______?
10. The equation below is ___________?


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