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Scroll Ornaments Quiz

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1. _______ start on the primary pitch, cycle one pitch above and then immediately return to the original pitch.

Default 4
2. ______ are the rapid repetition of neighbor notes and can begin from the main note or from one step above the pitch.

Default 2
3. ___________ comes from an Italian word meaning “to lean" and its duration is equal to approximately half the length of the pitch that it is ornamenting.

4. When a ____ is placed directly after a note, this ornament is performed as such: the written pitch, the upper neighbor note, the main pitch, the lower neighbor note and back to the original note.

Default 3

________ notes most often appear as a group of 2 pitches at the end of trilled notes. The span of time needed to perform these notes, is taken from the duration of the main note and the timing of the next pitch is not affected.


6. ________ literally means, to carry, and as an ornament means to perform an artistic somewhat audible slide between pitches.

Default 3
7. _____ _____ start on the pitch, then you rapidly perform the note below it and immediately return to the original pitch.​

Default 3
8. A _________ is a wavy line or a straight line, placed before or after a note and means to slide (to or from) a pitch in an audible manner.

9. In early keyboard music, composers often indicated that __________ notes were to be performed “crushed together” at the same time and then released, allowing the main note to ring.

10. _____ _____ can be of any rhythmic duration, appear as only 1  note or as a series of multiple notes.

Default 2


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